Why shop local

Why Is Shopping Local So Important?

 ​Did you know that money spent at local businesses generates 3.5 times more wealth for our local economy compared to money spent we chain-owned or corporate owned businesses.


We didn't know these statistics either until we started researching impact studies for shopping local versus Big Box Name stores and its impact on our local economy. 

Every week we see some kind of flooring product come up on an unmarked truck to be delivered or installed here in the valley. We are not trying to make anyone feel guilty or anything about where they decided to shop. We are only wanting YOU, the Consumer, to be more conscious and aware of how it affects our local businesses. 

FACT: About 70% of our earnings are returned to our local economic activity in one way or another.

We hire local individuals to help us. We use our local merchants  and service providers, (Markets, Hardware Stores, Insurance Services, Contractors, Newspapers, Radio, Utility Products, Banks etc.)and so do the people we employ. 

We also donate a healthy portion of our profits to local non-profits, school clubs, and youth activities for our children. Many of us volunteer at the many activities sponsored by local Chambers of Commerce and other fund-raising activities to help promote not only our businesses but all the local businesses. 

Here at Isabella Flooring in Lake Isabella, CA we offer the same options for buying as Big Box Stores. 
                 Cash, Credit, and Special Financing options through Synchrony Financial.

Please consider making your next Flooring or Window purchase, or any purchase for that matter, at one of our local businesses and put your money back into our community and help generate a healthy, prosperous environment for your family!!


​Think Local First!!!

Ted Talk: Stacey Mitchell
About the Affects of Government and Policies that protect corporations: